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Special thanks to Maria Ganz and Mrs. Fox for photos today!

Choir Camp 2015 begins! Heading to the Chapel this morning to pray together.

And stopping for a leap along the way...!

Welcome, campers!!

Father Ryan led us in morning prayer today.

Father Ryan talked about St. Lawrence, whose feast we celebrate today. Lawrence was a martyr in Rome in the early days of the Church. He had a special love for the poor--and a great sense of humor! Do you remember why Father Ryan called him "a cheerful giver"?

Visiting the Cathedral Kitchen Garden, where volunteers grow wonderful vegetables to serve in the Cathedral Kitchen.

We also toured the Cathedral Kitchen, which prepares a hot meal every weekday for more than 150 people in need.

Singing, singing, and more singing!

Braids during break.

Our theme this year is from Pope Francis' new encyclical on the environment, Laudato Si'--Praise Be! We planted seeds which we'll tend and water throughout the week.  By Friday, we hope to see something growing!!

The week would not be possible without our Jubilate! Volunteers!

Dancing to the beat of a different drummer...

What do you love in God’s creation? How does music add beauty to God’s creation?
How music adds beauty to God creation is amazing and it just makes life more interesting, because it kind of sets the mood to some things.  Example: If I’m looking at an ocean and it is quiet it is kind of boring. But, if you add music, it just feels prettier.
G – God, powerful, everything. God brings me to his world with his music!
O – Outstanding creation and he just brings me all of my spirit and hope, because he is so powerful and forgiving, and giving.
D – Dreams – of singing to people about God!
Music describes beauty through its melodies and words. Sometimes music is beautiful, and it carries around a complex melody on wings of angels. Other times, the melody can clash about unexpectedly but still adds beauty to those who listen.  Music adds beauty to God’s creation by becoming a creation of God itself, and it also provides deeper description to paint a picture with melody and words.
Music adds beauty because it is indeed a way of communication with God. The power and emotions felt in your heart, means you can really feel God close to you. God understands people no matter what they look like, how they are, no matter their age and forgives us all. He sent Jesus to come down and save our sins. I love God. I love family and friends. I love my home. I love pets. I love his creation. 
I love how God is accepting of all people. God is loving, kind, sharing, compassionate, creative. God’s presence is visible in other people. God is gracious, glorious, happy, and heaven is where people hope to go after their time on earth. I thank God for opportunities and his heart he shares with everyone. I love the earth, trees, nature, water, wind, house, family, friends, people, dog, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephew, relatives, food, drinks, shelter, for a good life and 2nd chances.
Some people think that there are certain ways that music should be. They believe that some types are far superior to others, but music is all around us in all of us, from the knock of a woodpecker to the sound of the church bells, the birds singing in the morning, professional cantors, opera singers, to the soft notes of wind and string instruments. Every kind of music is different, but each has its own special meaning. Each song, each voice brings something touching and extremely important to this world. I can’t say how much sound means to me, because words or not, it is beautiful. It has a special language of its own, and it touches people in amazing ways. I love giving my words and music to others.

I love nature! I wouldn’t enjoy life as much without music.
I bring my love for music to God’s creation. God’s creation makes me happy and thankful to be alive.
Music adds beauty to God’s creation because without music the entire world would be silent. The millions of people choirs would not be choirs. The insects chirping and the birds calling, and the rivers soaring provide a soundtrack to the forests and jungles and the nature. The sounds of the city are music. The cars moving and the doors opening, closing, the church bells offer a constant sound to the world. People talking can be a music. Words are the notes of poets. Words can be a song to those who have no companionship. Without these key sounds in our daily lives, we would be silent, and the world would lose its color. God whispered to my mom that my gift is joy and I use this gift to talk with others and make my surroundings a happier place. I also sing a lot of the time.
I love working in my grama’s garden. It’s beautiful, it’s always sunny and everything is in bloom right now. There’s lots of yummy vegetables to eat. The grapes will be ready soon and the ground cherries are ripening up. I can’t wait. Yum!
I love birds, squirrels, foxes, and bunnies!

I love God’s creation. The earth is underappreciated and sometimes trashed. We should be taking care of it, not wrecking it.
Everyone and everything loves music. It makes all creatures more calm and/or happy and energetic.
I think music adds beauty to God’s creation because music itself is beautiful and passionate.
I love that everything looks so alive. Music makes everything or everyone more happy.
Music adds beauty to God’s creation because both things are beautiful and so they complement each other. Also, like nature, music is diverse and one piece of music can be a complete opposite of another. The music I can make is a small addition to God’s creation.

When I think of earth or environment, I will always think of the Chinese maple tree in my front yard. One day while I was watering the front yard I looked up and saw the leaves swaying in the gentle breeze. I looked closer and saw the sun peeking through the gaps in the leaves. Then I looked closer and saw the detail in the leaves, the light that set them aglow.
If you add music to the world it makes everything smooth like some music.
God is like my soul. I love God because he loves us and he makes us happy. God makes us have happy lives that’s why God is our Father.
Creation—animals like hangfish, deer, peacocks, gazelles, cats, dolphins, and nightingales. Places like craggy mountain ranges, the sea, and vast shadowy forests.
Music is so wonderful because we sing or play the same tunes that medieval choirs used to sing, too.
I love the animals that God created.
Music can be found anywhere—from instrumental to choral to birdsong to leaves in the wind. It gives life to even the most plain environments.
There are a few things I don’t like, but everything else I love. Music is also one of God’s creations. Music is the sound and feeling of God’s creations. It adds harmony to God’s glorious creations. It can make everything sound and feel more beautiful than it already is.
My love for God’s creation is strong. After doing a project about extinct animals in the Puget Sound, I do my best to pick up garbage to help all creatures.  Music adds beauty to creation by proclaiming the maker of creation. It helps us realize how loving, powerful, and caring God is. It describes the beauty of creation through words, lofting harmonies, and unison pieces.
What beauty do I bring to God’s creation?
Probably my good personality.
Probably my intelligence and empathy for others.
I bring this world baseball and music.
I hope I can help bring beauty to God’s creation by being myself.
The beauty I bring to God’s creation is my music.
I bring my voice and piano playing to God’s creation.
I plant trees and I do not litter.
I bring music, dance, and love for all of God’s creatures and creation.
My love for God’s creations is endless. I love everything he gave me. I can’t imagine anything without the creations of the world.





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