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Special thanks to Maria Ganz, Mrs. Craig, and Mrs. Fox for photos of today!

Heading into Morning Prayer--Day Three!!

Ms. Bellamy led Morning Prayer today.  She invited us to think about how all God's creatures do God's will
in their different ways. How do we know what God wants us to do?  Where do we find out?

"Lift up your voice and with us sing!"

Young organist Matthew Johnson accompanied us at Morning Praise today.

In the afternoon, a special treat--a mini-concert at Skyline, a residence for seniors across the street
from the Cathedral!  Here Ms. Sunde introduces us and our music to our audience.

Look who's at the piano!

Rehearsal with Ms. Gilmore

Everyone's favorite moment in the middle of the day.  LUNCH!

New friends and old friends at break time in the courtyard.

Hula hoops...

...and yo-yos.  What could be better?

Learning to conduct with Dr. Thornock. 

See you tomorrow, Choir Campers!

Things we did today – August 11
We did a hunt for objects around the Cathedral!  It was a lot of fun and tricky, because we couldn’t find the sun or the moon. So we looked outside and I saw the sun on a book at the bookstore and a girl found the moon inside the Cathedral We also learned a lot of new songs, they were all so beautiful.  One more thing, I went to the St. James Garden, they had a lot of tomatoes. Yum!  It was a lot of fun. Also, we went to the kitchen where homeless people go and eat. And we got to set all of the tables for tonight. I had a great day.  “God, let my singing cheer you up every day and I hope I have a good night sleep and the choir kids will have a good night too Amen.” (Have a good night to God). Amen.
We went on a scavenger hunt in the Cathedral today. We learned about God’s creation. Some of my favorite animals God created are beavers and hedgehogs.
Teamwork—grouping up to create what seems to be a smarter self.
The scavenger hunt was OK. I personally thought it could have been more fun but it was cool to walk around the church and look at the details of the church.
Today I climbed up the stairs of an old tower into the guts of the organ, played soccer with a priest, and learned challenging music in amazing time.  This camp is amazing, and I am very blessed and thankful for being able to come here for the past four years. It’s a wonderful experience, and we have really great people. I would like to say thank you to all of the teachers, volunteers, and sponsors of Choir Camp.
Looking at all of the flowers in the garden.
It was fun to help the newer campers discover the cathedral and some of its many aspects of service and praise. It was also really fun to play outside and just hang out with people. Seeing the garden was really nice. It was great to see up close what it is the Cathedral does to serve people.
What we have seen in the Cathedral helps remind us that we must learn the faith of God so that we can seek out the mercies of God.
I learned about the west doors!
Ate and drank and did music had fun played with people it was a good time.
I really enjoyed doing several friends’ hair in different kinds of braids! And I learned a bit more about St. James Cathedral too. I learned a bit more Italian than I already know.
At our class otday, I learned who wrote the poem “Laudato Si.” It was St. Francis. The scavenger hunt was really fun, and I had a great group! It was really challenging, but fun to think about where all the things were in the Cathedral.  After that we played a strange form of soccer.  It was forwards vs. goalies.  I also learned more about the layout of St. James Cathedral. I also learned more about the organ!
I liked the scavenger hunt because I like seeing the cool things the church has!
It was fun!  Yay!  The End.
I liked doing the scavenger hunt and find about ways to praise God and how trees can praise God.
I learned that all of God’s creation is important.  Taking care of creation is important because creation provides us with many resources that we need.  I saw fish, death, ocean and forest, sun, and all things of nature, all within the Cathedral.  I realized that nature is good because it was created by God.  Nature is in a trying time right now (what with pollution) and it needs to be helped.
Today we did a hunt to look for things at the church.  I love God!
I learned about where things in the Cathedral are.
Today we practiced singing, ate, practiced some more, ate lunch, went to the garden, we set tables at the kitchen, then we practiced more, ate and played, and then came inside and started writing.
What I thought was interesting in the poem was that Saint Francis of Assisi refers to God’s gifts as brother and sister, such as Brother Sun.  I think that really says something about our place in God’s creation.
I learned that there are symbols of God’s love and creation all around the Cathedral.
Today I went on a scavenger hunt to look for things like pictures or symbols.
Today’s lesson got me thinking about how much to appreciate God’s creations.  From now on, I think more about how wonderful it is to have great things in this world. (Like music!)  Love Planet Earth and everything on it!
Laudato Si – Be praised in Italian.  It’s a prayer by St. Francis, praise for the earth and its elements, which were created by God.
Today we learned about God’s creation and searched for some of them in the Chapel and outside the Chapel.  We searched for water, stars, the moon, sun, flowers, fruit, and fire, along with other creations.
I saw (which was my favorite thing in the Church) the burning bush. When I went to Church for the first time with my mom that was my favorite thing. And when I went home that was the only thing I talked about at dinner, and a bunch of other times too.  That’s why when I see the burning bush it makes me so happy.
I love that God created food for us to eat, water for us to drink, and the sun and moon.  Music brings beauty to show how awesome God’s creation is by using pretty melodies and vivid poetry.
Brenda’s lesson made me think about how the elements of nature were given to us by God and we should praise him for it. I also learned to look at the little details when looking for anything—especially on scavenger hunts.
I learned that the stars on the ceiling of the Mary Chapel form the constellations Cassiopeia and Perseus. I also drew a picture of the moon made out of green cheese.  At the garden, I identified Swiss Cahrd, Cabbage, Basil, Tomatoes, Dinosaur Kale (the awesomest name) and lettuce.





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